Quality Policy, Environment and R&D&I

Talleres Alegría, s.a.

Quality and Environment

Talleres Alegría encourages a policy that clearly allows for the expectations of our clients to be met, foreseeing their needs, complying with the contractual requirements, codes, regulations, specifications and the requirements applicable, permanently improving the quality and competitiveness of its products. The Quality management System taken on by Talleres Alegría is certified in accordance with the requirements of Norma Española UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000.

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Together with this and with the will to ensure the effects of the activities carried out in its installations are in accordance with the preservation of the environment, Talleres Alegría, S.A. promotes and develops the implementation of a documented Environmental Management System whose basic principles comply with the requirements of norma UNE-EN ISO-14001.

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I+D+i Research, development and innovation

Thanks to the experience and know-how acquired during more than 100 years at the service of the railway administrations, it has always been clear to us that having our own technology is the key to survival in the increasingly globalised markets dominated by large multinationals.

Therefore, our R&D&I policy follows two well-differentiated guidelines:
Investment in advanced or state-of-the-art technological resources and design tools tools allowing for designing and working faster and more efficiently, thus improving the quality/price ratio of our products.
Investment in highly qualified human capital allowing us to develop our own technology so as to differentiate us and open doors to new markets.
In order to be in permanent contact with the advances of railway technology, Talleres Alegría, S.A. forms part of the Spanish workgroup of the European Standardisation Committee, being a member of the group drafting the new turnout technical specifications that belongs to the RENFE Infrastructure Maintenance Technical Directorate.